October 1, 2008

Windsor Writing Chairs

Windsor chairs are a hallmark of American furniture making, and the Windsor writing chair is the pinnacle of the line. Throughout the 19th Century it was favored by statesmen, doctors and clergymen for its elegant lines and utilitarian appeal. This article presents the fascinating history of the Windsor writing chair and features a half-dozen of the country's most notable furniture makers who still create by hand this distinctive chair.

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Carole said...

hi Gregory. I am so glad to see this blog. I have been receiving EAL since the 70's and still have them! They are treasures to me. Your articles are always very interesting and well written. I only wish they would get back to showing more old houses, inside and out. My friends feel the same way. The Christmas issue was very disappointing. Maybe you can pass that along to whomever. Keep up the good work.

Gregory LeFever said...

Hi Carole:

Duly noted.

You'll be pleased to know the December issue has three house articles that should interest you. The publisher and editor are aware of the interest in house articles, but Early American Life has such a diverse audience that if they cut back on articles on antiques, somebody else complains. If they cut back on traditional crafts, they hear it from the crafts supporters.

It's all a balancing act and the folks at EAL try to give everybody what they want over the course of several issues.

Thank you, Carole, for the compliments regarding my writing. I love doing it.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy and safe holiday season!

Improvedliving said...

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