August 1, 2010

Walking Sticks

No personal accessory in human history has a more diverse heritage than the walking stick, and it was great fun for me to trace the evolution of the cane and especially its varied presence in early America. An astounding array of folk-art canes ~ as well as their more formal counterparts ~ from that era are highly collectible and today can fetch several thousands of dollars.

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Doreen Frost said...

This is a wonderful blog full of fantastic history.

Thank you!!!!

Have a wonderful day,

Because I need to know now said...

Truely a fascinating site...very interesting and informative...I am coming back again and again! Thank you!

AveBarnett said...

during old times most of people specially the guy have a walking stick. i have one antique walking sticks from my grandfather.

Gregory LeFever said...

My thanks to each of you for your kind and informative comments. I just discovered last night that I had a number of "unmoderated" comments for this blog, and I apologize for my very long delay in posting your thoughts.

Thank you again, each one!