December 1, 2005

The Rhodus House

Betty and Jack Rhodus have spent a lifetime collecting and selling superb antiques, and today their prized reproduction 1715 home is like stepping back 300 years in time. Their house near Cincinnati is one of the best colonial reproductions I've had the pleasure to visit.

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Period Interior Lighting

Another article useful for decorating colonial-style homes, with tips on creating a period ambience. This one presents a history of authentic vintage lighting and includes interviews with four leading producers of reproduction early lighting fixtures.

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The Curry House

Ginny and Bill Curry have created a primitive wonderland amid the rolling hills of southern Ohio, with several log cabins and a thriving antiques business.

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April 1, 2005

The Fascinating Art of Fraktur

Here is an examination of an early and colorful Pennsylvania Dutch art form, with several photos of period Fraktur, plus interviews with three of the country’s most talented Fraktur artists whose work stands alongside any of the vintage best.

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February 1, 2005

The Newkirk House

This is an unusually touching article. It features Wes Newkirk and his late wife Elizabeth and their long search for a house to restore and then the years of painstaking work to achieve what is now one of Kentucky’s most remarkable residential landmarks.

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Door Hardware

Here is a history of door hardware from Plymouth through the colonial period, providing a useful restoration and decorating guide. It features discussions with four blacksmiths and manufacturers who create outstanding period hardware.

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