December 1, 2006

Painted Country Tinware

Painted tinware was big business in early America, including some of the nation's first factories. It was sold in city shops and by itinerant peddlers alike. This article explains this fascinating history plus features interviews with some of the most skilled artists painting country tin today.

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Early Wooden Toys

This article discusses the role of wooden toys in American childhood since the earliest settlers, plus provides details on the changing nature of childhood itself since colonial times.

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August 1, 2006

Tall Clocks

Tall clocks are among the most stately furnishings in American homes. I shared writing credit on this article with noted early clock expert Gordon Converse (Antiques Road Show), and interviewed a half-dozen of today's most skilled makers of early style tall clocks.

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April 1, 2006


Painted canvas floorcloths were both durable and attractive additions to the early American home. This article relates the history of floorcloths and features three of today's leading makers of floorcloths whose creations can brighten any room.

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February 1, 2006

Finding Your Home's History

This article gives pointers on how to research the history of your home. It includes interviews with foremost researchers and authors of house genealogy and explains current trends in dating such as dendrochronology.

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